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Short (<1 Inch)

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Matte, Light Hold

What is the Crew Cut?

Posh, plush, upper class; these are just a few of the words used to describe the Crew Cut. Though used by many across the world, what brought this style into popularity is its use by celebrities or the high class. If you’re trying to elevate your style, the Crew Cut might just be for you.

There are many different nicknames for the Crew Cut such as the Ivy League, Flat Top, and Crew Cut Blow Out. At its core, the style is accomplished by cutting the hair to about a quarter inch on the side and back that you prefer to go into a fade. Then, cut the hair on top of the head to an inch in length. When styling the cut, start by first working a medium hold product throughout the hair with your fingers. As for the sides, comb it in an angle that goes diagonally towards the back.

Will a Crew Cut look good on me?

When it comes to a Crew Cut, most hair types are suitable with varying degrees of upkeep. For face shape, however, the results can vary. The most ideal shapes for the Crew Cut are those with Square, Round, or Oval shaped faces. This is because the shortened length on the sides of the face won’t distort the face's length or width. If you have a face that starts wider at the top and then narrows towards the chin, such as Heart, Diamond, or Triangle shaped, you may have a harder time working the Crew Cut, but it's still doable. The main challenge this style presents is that the short length on the side accentuates the face length and overly exposed the ears making for a more awkward look. The best way to counter this is leaving more length on the sides providing a more filled out look. Finally, if you’re someone with an Oblong face shape, hair styles with short hair on the side makes Oblong faces appear much longer so get a crew cut at your own discretion.

Celebrities with Crew Cuts

One of the most popular versions of the Crew Cut out there is the Ivy League. This style can be found on the cover of many fashion or style magazines on the Hollywood Celeb List. The Ivy League is a mashup of the Side Part and Crew Cut because it still touts the quarter inch sides. But rather than the Crew Cut, the Ivy League differs because it has a longer length on the top. For styling this cut, begin by working a matte medium hold product and then splitting the hair as you would with a Side Part, with the shorter piece combed down towards the sides and blended in. For the larger piece of the part, there are two ways to go about it. The first way is to use a comb and a blowdryer to add a bit of volume and pull the hair slightly back. The second way is to forgo the comb and instead, use your fingers and a blowdryer to give the hair a more messy look.

Everything you need to know about the Crew Cut

Another popular and simplest variant of the Crew Cut is the Flat Top. It's the ease of upkeep that makes this variant so popular. The sides of this hairstyle are usually cut much shorter than a traditional Crew Cut, with the side length akin to a Buzz Cut. The top length still maintains about an inch or less in length with the hair length longer as it gets closer to the front. For styling, it's best to use a maxhold product to maintain the shape of the Flat Top. Then, use a fine tooth comb to comb the top hairs down towards the front to create a point or spike.

How to style the Crew Cut

Best Products for the Crew Cut

With the simplicity of the Crew Cut, all you really need is a reliable hold product and a comb. We recommend anything from a medium to max hold to maintain this style. If you want a stronger hold and less shine, we recommend using SC91 J’Bez, but if you want something a little lighter, we recommend using SC91 Clay.


The Crew Cut is a style we recommend for anyone wanting to elevate their hairstyle to a high class feel. It's a crisp, smart, and snazzy look that is sure to add a little bit of class. If that is what you are looking for, then the Crew Cut style is the Perfect Cut For You.

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