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Hair Length:

Long (3+ Inches)

Head Type:

Curly, Wavy

Head Coverage:

Back Crown, Apex

Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Curls/Wavy, Shine

What is a Curly Top?

The Curly Top hairstyle is known for being not only the most eye-catching looks, but also the most difficult to manage. When it comes to the Curly Top, the two most important factors of this style are the cut and care that's going into maintaining those curls. This hairstyle is notorious for its stubbornness because it sticks to whatever position the hair grows into. That being said, it's important to have the hair initially cut in the general shape you are trying to achieve. The usual hair lengths for this type of style are a tight fade on the sides with about 1 to 3 inches on top, but ultimately, the tightness of your curls will usually determine how much you need. After the cut comes the care; to keep those luscious curls looking healthy, it's important to add some moisture to prevent any frizziness or dry dullness. This can be achieved by applying a curling cream to make the curls a bit more malleable to comb through with a styling pick to finish up the look.

Will the Curly Top work for me?

Right off the bat the Curly Top is best done on people with, you guessed it, curly hair. If you have wavy hair that's borderline curly, you can pull off the curly top with the right cut. However, any other hair type would need a perm to get those coiled locks.

When it comes to head shape, the best for this style are round, oblong, or oval face shapes. The Curly top adds an extra layer of dimension to more circular face shapes, making them appear more full. Angular faces shapes are still compatible with the Curly Top hairstyle, but should be kept on the shorter side to avoid overshadowing the features that come with this facial structure.

How to style the Curly Top

Different Variations of the Curly Top Hairstyle

One take on the Curly Top is the Sponge Top, also known as Sponge Twists or Sponge Curls. This variation adds more definition and texture to already existing curls making the style pop more. To this style, the only difference comes from applying a curling cream using a hair sponge or twist comb. Add a little bit of pressure and twist the curls to form a more defined, coil or wisp-like shape.

Best Products to use with a Curly Top Hairstyle

Care is always an important part of maintaining healthy hair, but in the case of the Curly Top a little bit more attention is needed. Because of the natural composition of curly hair, it is more prone to drying out due to frizziness. To help combat that, we have a couple products in mind. First, we have SC91 Curl, a cream made to moisturize the hair and prep it for styling. For an extra bit of hydration for both the hair and scalp, we also recommend making use of the Loc-Luv Hydration Spray. As for tools, we recommend getting a styling pick to help keep the shape of the style.


The Curly top is a fresh look that helps make the wildest curls more into the works of art that they already are. It's a sleek, eye-catching look that is definitely worth the time and effort put into sculpting it. If that is what you’re looking for, then the Curly Top is the Perfect Cut For You.

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