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Launch sale! Use code JBEZ25 for 25% off your 1st order.

Hair Length:

Medium (1-3 Inches)

Head Type:

Thin, Wavy, Medium

Head Coverage:

Forehead, One Side

Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Curls/Wavy, Matte

What is a Fringe?

The Fringe hairstyle is a fancier way to describe a look that frames the face using bangs. From rockstars and actors to athletes, the Fringe is sported by anyone and can be adapted into any hairstyle to add a unique flare. If adding a unique twist to your hairstyle is what you’re looking for, then the Fringe is the style for you.

Though the Fringe has numerous forms and functions, it begins with a base that can be built upon with a little bit of creativity. As for styling, a light hold product and comb is all that’s necessary. Working on the top of the head, comb the hair forward in a sweeping flow, letting the bangs hang on the forehead. If the bangs are on the longer side, adjust them in a left or right wave depending on preference.

Will a Fringe look good on me?

Since the Fringe is more adaptable than most other hairstyles, it's easy to make this fit most face shapes. However, longer face shapes can benefit from using bangs as a way to frame longer features to appear shorter. Oval and square face shapes should be cautious of having bangs soften their face too much. Add some dimension by making use of a fade or more angular cuts to pair with your fringe. Lastly, fringe on those with circular face shapes will make the face appear shorter.

How to style a Fringe

Best Fringe Styles

One of the most popular variations of the fringe comes in the form of a textured fringe. This version consists of a styled fade around the sides while keeping 1-3 inches of length on top. As for styling, the typical forward sweep is replaced with a tousled look that goes from the crown of the head to the front bangs. Use a medium strong hold product to maintain the hairstyle throughout the day.

Another popular variant of the Fringe is a spin on the side-part hairstyle. As opposed to a traditional fringe, this version maintains longer lengths on all sides of the head with the sides and back having 1/2 or 1 inch long length. For the most part, product isn't necessary to maintain the look. However, working a lighthold product into the hair and using the brush to part the hair will give the side part fringe a polished finish.

Best Products to maintain a Fringe

Due to the versatility of the fringe hairstyle, types of products can vary person to person. For a lighter, more natural look, we suggest SC91 Flow or the SC91 Clay. With these lighter hold products, they help the bangs lay naturally and prevent any flyaway hairs. If you want a more tousled look, pair your Fringe with SC91 J’Bez.


The Fringe is a style we recommend for anyone who’s trying to add a bit of flair and can easily adapt to whatever vibe. If that is what you’re looking for, then the Fringe is the Perfect Cut For You.

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