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Hair Length:

Long (3+ Inches)

Head Type:

Medium, Wavy

Head Coverage:

Back Crown, Both Sides

Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Strong Hold, Matte, Shine

What is a pompadour?

The Pompadour: a symbol of rebellious youth and self expression that burst into pop culture in the 1950’s and from there became a staple in style that would stick around for decades to come. From James Dean and Elvis Presley to David Bowie and Janelle Monae, the pompadour remains an iconic look for those looking to stand out and make a statement.

The Pompadour is also referred to as an elephant trunk or ducktail style. At its base, the style is made up of tight cuts on the sides with longer hair on the top. It is best styled with a maxhold product to form the hair into a high sweeping crown like look. From there it’s all about creativity and personal preference. In this blog, you’ll learn about if the pompadour is suitable for your face shape, how to style a pompadour, and best products to use for this haircut.

Will a pompadour haircut look good on me?

Unlike most hairstyles, the pompadour falls more on the styling than the actual cut. Because of this, the haircut is highly versatile and available to most hair types with varying degrees of maintenance. Those with a more circular or angled face shape will want to keep the hair on the side making the styling short and tight; too long and the style will portray a wider frame giving the head less length. On the other hand, those with narrow or concave head shapes will want to leave more on the sides to give their head a more full look that will compliment the pompadour.

How to style a pompadour haircut

Celebrity Pompadour Haircuts / Best Pompadour Haircuts

Arguably the most popular and famous style of the pompadour comes from late Hollywood star James Dean. Debuting the hairstyle in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, Dean sports the look with his hair swept up and curved slightly towards the crown. His front hairs lightly tousled to give off a slightly messy look. This look is recommended for those with straight to slightly wavy hair and a more heart-shaped face.

Another popular celebrity style is brought to us by John Travolta in his phenomenal role as Danny Zuko in the 1978 movie Grease. Travolta’s pompadour was styled with longer hair on the sides achieved by using a styling product with high amounts of shine and hole, such as a pomade. Starting at the sides and the back with the hair combed tightly together, each side of the head’s hair eventually meet together at a point resembling a duck’s tail. Then, the top of the hair is combed into overlapping bunches towards the back, with the front of the hair twisted and draped over the forehead to then resemble an elephant's trunk. This style is one of the more stylized and complicated variations of the pompadour, but it is still one of most popular ways to style. It is recommended for those with a rectangle or oblong hair shape and hair that's on the straighter side.

Best products to use for a Pompadour haircut

The styling and maintenance of this look definitely requires more care but is worth all the time and effort. To upkeep this hairstyle, we recommend a styling product with a maxhold rating. Depending on the amount of shine you are looking for, either use SC91 J’Bez for a more matte finish, or L3VEL3 Pomade for a shinier, bold look. With the products, use a blowdryer and wide tooth comb to help shape your hair to help maintain the style throughout the day.


The pompadour is a style we recommend for anyone trying to turn heads and keeps eyes locked on you throughout the day. It's bold, stylish, and still holds that rebellious look and feel that made it popular decades ago. If that is what you are looking for, then the Pompadour is definitely the Perfect Cut For You. Do you think this haircut suits you?

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