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Hair Length:

Long (3+ Inches)

Head Type:

Thin, Medium, Wavy

Head Coverage:

Back Crown

Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Strong Hold, Shine

What is a Slick Back style?

The Slick Back hairstyle is a true classic and one of the most popular hairstyles from its birth to the modern era. It’s a style that portrays minimalistic elegance, spanning all lifestyles from the working man or fashion icon to the old school gangster. If you’re looking for something that screams cool and classy, then the Slick Back style is for you.

Traditionally, the Slick Back style is paired with long hair on the top and undercut on the side. From there, a maxhold product, usually a pomade, is used to ‘slick’ the hair on top in a tight sweep from the crown to the back of the head. A very simple and easy style, but with a little bit of imagination the Slick Back can be incredibly versatile. In this blog, you’ll learn if the Slick Back is suitable for your face shape, how to style it, and best products to use for this haircut.

Will the Slick Back Style look good on me?

The Slick Back style is perfect for those with straight or slightly wavy hair. Since most styling of this haircut requires an undercut, it's least suitable for those with heart shaped heads since the lack of hair on the side accentuates forehead size.

Those with oval or round shaped heads will get the most bang for the buck and have a much easier time with this style. Round face shapes will benefit from the fullness the undercut provides.

How to style the Slick Back

Slick Back Hairstyle: As Seen on Celebrities

One of these most iconic examples of the Slick Back style is taken from Al Pacino’s portrayal as the mobster Michael Corleone in the Godfather II. Styled to work with Pacino’s oblong head shape, this version of the slick back substitutes the undercut for much longer hair on the sides. On all sides, the hair is swept into a straight flow from the front to the back using a wide tooth comb and max hold pomade for the glisten.

Another variant of the slick back hairstyle that has found popularity in recent years is done with longer hair. Face shape and hair type for this one can vary, but it’s more difficult to achieve the curlier the hair is. To get this look, start with dampening the hair with a spray bottle and then use a comb to pull the hair back, essentially tucking the hair behind your ears. Follow up by using hairspray to ensure the shape is able to hold throughout the day.

Best Products to Use for Slick Back Hairstyles

Depending on the look you’re going for, what you need can differ. At the very least, products with a maxhold are definitely recommended paired with using a wide tooth comb to give your style that natural flow. If you want the classic shine the slick back is signature for, we recommend the L3V3L3 Pomade.


The slick back is a haircut we recommend for anyone wanting to feel cool and classy at the same time. It's a style that's as versatile as it is timeless; great for a morning meeting or a night out. If that is what you are looking for, then the slick back style is the Perfect Cut For You.

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