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Hair Length:

Short (<1 Inch)

Head Type:

Textured, Curly

Head Coverage:


Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:


What is the Waves hairstyle?

The steps towards achieving the Waves hairstyle will take some time but is sure to be worthwhile when getting to the end product. To start, begin on short hair with less than an inch on top. For the sides, a fade to an edge up can be paired with Waves to give it that extra fresh look. Once those are done, the process of styling Waves begins. This hairstyle is premised on training your curls to be as tight to the scalp as possible. Begin training your hair to do this by using an oil-stripping shampoo. Then, using a durag and bristle brush, the hair will begin to slowly train itself to stay tight to the scalp in a wave-like pattern following the follicles. Within this training period, it's also important to keep the hair and scalp nourished with moisturizing cream.

Will Waves look good on me?

From straight, wavy, to curly, most hair types can develop Waves. Above all, the importance is hair coarseness. Since the Waves hairstyle requires the hair to stick closely to the scalp, the thicker and coarser the hair is, the higher chance you have towards creating waves. Outside of this, any head shape will be suitable for the Waves hairstyle, much like a Buzz Cut, since the tightness of the hair eliminates any possibility of volume distorting facial features and length.

Celebrities with Waves

Here is an example of deeper set Waves as seen on Drake. This specific style can be achieved with longer to start.

Alternatively, here's a look at Michael B. Jordan with a tighter, classic version of the Waves style showcasing the shadow length fade on his sides.

How to style Waves

What products do I need for Waves?

With all the care and attention needed to develop waves, it's going to require several products to ensure your hair comes out looking fresh and healthy. First, you’ll need a Wave shampoo and conditioner to help strip the hair of the essential oils. For this we recommend Whipped Creme by Sebastian which you can pair with a durag and boar bristle brush to aid in keeping the hair flat and tight. Along with this, you’ll need moisturizing products to maintain the healthy shine and to nourish your hair. For that we recommend our Loc-Luv and Cologne-tion which you can use separately or together to take manage both your hair and scalp.


The journey to get Waves is definitely one that takes time, attention, and most of all, care. However, with our tips and tricks, you'll definitely find yourself with a style that is both unique and crisp. If that is what you’re looking for, then Waves is the Perfect Cut For You.

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