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Hair Length:

Medium (1-3 Inches)

Head Type:

Wavy, Thin, Medium

Head Coverage:

Top of Head

Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Light Hold, Strong Hold, Matte

What is a Combover?

When people think about the combover, Homer Simpson might come to mind with his thinning hair covering a widening bald spot. While it is a popular example of what the style can be, there’s complexities to it. The combover is a hairstyle opted by those going for something suave and smooth; execute it just right and you’re on your way to crafting a sleek look.

Also known as the Side Part, the Combover is primarily cut to about 1.5 inches on top and layered to allow the hair to lay flat with a fade on the sides and back. The type of product you use all depends on the volume and shine you’re going for. After dampening the hair and applying the product, use a comb to sweep the hair from one side to the other beginning where the crown and side of the head meet. Keep reading for more ways to style and best products to use for a combover.

Will a Combover look good on me?

When it comes to the combover, the less waves the better. Straight hair is the most suitable for this hairstyle. Since the combover style can make the face shape look more wide, this hairstyle may accentuate the roundness on wide or round face shapes. With that in mind, a combover hairstyle will complement those with more oblong or rectangular face shapes because the hairstyle will give a more full looking shape.

How to style a Combover

Combover Hairstyle: As Seen on Celebrities

An example of the suave look-and-feel the combover hairstyle embodies is displayed in John Hamm’s portrayal of Don Draper in the early 2000’s show Mad Men. The combover styled in Draper’s scene wearing the gray suit is a combination of the combover and Slick Back style, trading in the usual fade or taper on the sides for slightly longer hair using a pomade for a stronger hold and shine. To achieve the slicked back look, start by combing the sides tightly towards the back of the head, with the hairs closer to the crown combed at an angle to create the hair part. Then for the combover section, comb the hairs from the hairpart towards the direction you want the hair to lay flat.

Another iconic use of the combover is seen on Sean Connery in his role in As the Man with a License to Kill, James Bond. Connery’s style follows the more classic look of the combover with longer hair styled on the sides of his head. The biggest difference is that the hair has a more natural look, as if there’s no product in it at all.

Best Products to Use for Combovers

For the combover, the type of hair texture you have dictates the product you need to use. If you have hair that needs a little extra oomph, we recommend using SC91 J’Bez for a stronger hold. Alternatively, if you have hair that flows in the combover easily then the SC91 Clay can give that perfect light hold and matte finish. As for tools, a normal barbers comb works wonders with this style, but if you want a more natural looking flow then use a wide tooth comb.


We recommend the combover hairstyle to anyone wanting a sleeker look to their everyday hairdo. It's a suave and sophisticated look that empowers anyone to feel like a secret agent or business mogul. If that is what you are looking for, then the combover is definitely the Perfect Cut For You.

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