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Hair Length:

Medium (1-3 Inches)

Head Type:

Wavy, Textured, Curly

Head Coverage:


Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Light Hold, Matte

What is the Faux Hawk?

The Faux, or more popularly known as the Faux Hawk, is the fashion-forward take on the rebellious punk mohawk. It’s a style that lives in the glitz and glamor of high fashion society, while simultaneously maintaining that maverick edge of its parent style. If you’re looking for something that says chic-rebel with an edge, then the Faux Hawk is the style for you.

For the most part, the Faux has a more modern take on the Pompadour style in both form and function. The sides are cut short, usually in a fade of some sort, while the hair on top is cut to about 1-3 inches with hair gradually longer from the back to the front. When it comes to styling the Faux, the stronger the hold product, the better. After working the product into the hair, start from the back and use your fingers to shape the hair in a point at the front of the head, then use your palms to firmly press the faux into its edge shape.

Will a Faux Hawk look good on me?

When it comes to the Faux Hawk, the recommended hair type to do this style is for straight or wavy hair. It’s doable with hair that has more curls, but it’ll take some time and a stronger hair product to get the right shape.

When it comes to face shape, the ones that suit this hairstyle well are the Oval, Round, and Square face shapes. This is because the shortness on the sides of the Faux Hawk complement these face shapes. The face shapes that don’t go as well with this hairstyle are shapes with a lot of length, such as Triangle or Oblong shaped heads. The lack of length on the sides and the hair height on the top make these shapes appear longer.

Celebrity/Best Faux Hawk Styles

David Beckham is commonly seen sporting many versions of the cut. For this version, Beckham trades the usual fade for more length across the back and sides of the head with the back resembling more of a mullet. From there, a matte, high hold product is worked throughout the hair and the top is shaped into a point. The sides and back are lightly tousled for a messy-chic look.

Here's another look at a special variant of the Faux Hawk. This one makes use of curly hair rather than the straight or slightly wavy hair that is usually seen with the style. It is more reliant on the cut than the actual styling. Because curls maintain their shape and there’s not much you can do to manipulate the hair to create a Faux Hawk, it's best to cut the hair in the shape of the Faux from the get go. From there, add a hydration gel or spray to give the hair a healthy bit of shine. You can also go in with a styling pick to move around some more stubborn curls.

How to style a Faux Hawk

Best Products to Use for Faux Hawk

Since the main aspect of the Faux Hawk is its high rising peak, the product needed to maintain it requires a high hold. Pair the high hold with a shine using the L3V3L3 Styling Gel to have more flexibility when creating the Faux shape while still maintaining the highhold. For a more matte finish, we recommend the tried and true SC91 J’Bez. For tools, your fingertips and palm should do just fine, but if you need more reassurance, use a styling comb.


The Faux Hawk is a haircut we recommend to anyone looking to be both stylish and edgy. It's a style that speaks to athletes, rock stars, and actors alike, being as versatile as the people who sport it. If that is what you’re looking for, then the Faux Hawk is the Perfect Cut For You.

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