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Hair Length:

Medium (1-3 Inches)

Head Type:

Thin, Wavy

Head Coverage:

Forehead, Both Sides

Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Light Hold, Matte

What is a Middle Part Hairstyle?

The Middle Part hairstyle is for anyone who wants to rock that Prince Charming type of class and elegance. It's a style that makes use of the natural layering of your hair, framing your face to accentuate your best features. This is an impeccable style that can be easily mixed and matched with pieces of different styles to create a look that is unique to you, so if that's what you’re looking for then the Middle Part is the style for you.

There are dozens of styles that make use of the Middle Part, but to start things off we’ll get into the base of this style. For this look, a little bit of length on all sides is key. As for the sides, a fade is common but as it gets closer to the crown, leave room for the length to grow about half an inch or more. For the top, you'll want to maintain about 1-3 inches with the front of the hair longer.

Will a Middle Part work for me?

When it comes to the Middle Part, straight or wavy hair are your best bets as the more free flowing the hair is, the more it’ll be easier to part the hair. It's still possible to do this style with curly hair, but it will take more time, hair length, and a stronger hold product to keep the part separated. When it comes to head shape, the most suitable ones for this style are Heart, Oval, and Diamond face shapes. This is because these face shapes taper towards the chin which offsets the wideness that the middle part accentuates giving a more full facial shape.

How to style a Middle Part

Middle Part as seen on Celebrities

A great example of the versatility of the Middle Part comes from this style sported by Johnny Depp. Here he mixes the shine and rebel feel of a Pompadour while framing the face with the Middle Part. Down the middle where the part begins, Depp uses a pomade to pull back the hair; from there he combs the tops out allowing the hair to hang which frames the rest of his face.

Another example of the Middle Part can be seen on Keanu Reeves in the movie John Wick. In this take on the style, the hair part is more obviously and evenly separated. This style also takes some inspiration from the Slick Back hairstyle as it is also tightly combed towards the back of head using a strong hold product with a shine finish.

Best Products for the Middle Part

For the Middle Part, it's all about making use of the natural texture and laying of the hair, with a few touch ups to get it just right. To help out with that, we suggest a light to medium hold product with a matte finish. Our SC91 Clay or SC91 J’Bez would be the best choices to fit that build. Use a wide tooth comb to help maintain that natural flow when creating the Middle Part.


The Middle Part is a style that highlights a natural charm. It's a look that bleeds charisma with enough versatility to match any occasion; it blends into work or play, or if you’re simply going for an effortlessly handsome feel. If that is what you’re looking for, then the Middle Part is the Perfect Cut For You.

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