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Hair Length:

Long (3+ Inches)

Head Type:

Thin, Wavy, Medium

Head Coverage:


Hair Maintenance:


Hair Product Type:

Strong Hold, Matte

What is a Quiff?

If the Pompadour and the Ivy-League Crew Cut came together to have a child, that result would be the Quiff. It's a style that maintains the lush volume of the Pompadour while also making use of the more natural, sweeping look of the Side-Part. With its roots both rebellious and elite, the Quiff is a style that goes with any walk of life. If that's what you’re looking for then the Quiff is the style for you.

The main focus of the Quiff, much like the Pompadour, is volume. The length for the sides of the hair can vary, but it is most commonly paired with a fade with the top at 1-3 inches in length. The styling portion has a higher difficulty than most styles and can take some time, but the end result makes it all worth it. Start things off by dampening the top of the hair, and once it's thoroughly wet, work a matte max hold product throughout the hair with your fingers. After the product is applied, take a blow dryer to fluff and volumize using a comb to make sure every piece is properly dried. After a few minutes of drying, the hair should set with the right amount of volume. Finish off by using a comb to clean up any flyaways.

Will a Quiff work for me?

One of the key things to have a proper Quiff is thick hair. The hair type can be wavy, straight, or even a bit curly, but without the right amount of thickness, even higher hold products will make it difficult to maintain the right amount of volume.

When it comes to head shape, more stout face shapes such as Heart, Circular, or Square shapes complement this style the best. Since the Quiff emphasizes on volume, it elongates the head making shorter face shapes appear more full. Longer face shapes can make use of the style but with some caution. To offset the look of a longer face, add more length to the sides which effectively fill out the faces shapes to appear more full.

How to style a Quiff

Best Quiff Styles

One of the most popular modern takes on the Quiff is the Textured Quiff. In terms of the length, the Textured Quiff follows traditional styling by pairing a fade with medium length on the top. What makes this version more unique happens during the styling portion. Style this cut intentionally messy. Don’t worry about uniformity because the more texturized the hair is, the more the tousled look will be achieved.

Another popular variant of the Quiff is called the Disconnected Quiff or Undercut Quiff. The main difference with this style is that the fade is much tighter than what you would find in a traditional Quiff, and it gradually turns into a full buzz towards the lower third. This makes the separation between the sides and the top more obvious, resulting in the “disconnected” look. The second differentiator with this cut, which is more optional than required, is achieved by shaving an obvious line in the top of the fade which highlights the separation further.

Best Products to Style a Quiff

Because natural looking volume is the highlighting feature of the Quiff, the key is to use a matte, max hold product to hold the hair together. For this, we recommend our SC91 J’Bez, and if you want a bit of extra hold on top of it then a light mist of hair spray can help. For tools, a blow dryer and some sort of styling comb is key to getting the volume just right.


The Quiff is a style we recommend to anyone willing to put in the time. The end result will leave you feeling on top of the world throughout the whole day. It’s a style that has a rebel charm with a bit of elite flare that can be worn for a day at the office or a night out. If that is what you’re looking for, then the Quiff is the Perfect Cut For You.

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