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Launch sale! Use code JBEZ25 for 25% off your 1st order.

Slick Back

What is a Slick Back style? The Slick Back hairstyle is a true classic and one of the most popular hairstyles from its birth to the modern era. It’s a style that portrays minimalistic elegance, spanning all lifestyles from the working man or fashion icon to the old school gangster. If you’re looking for something […]

Curly Top

What is a Curly Top? The Curly Top hairstyle is known for being not only the most eye-catching looks, but also the most difficult to manage. When it comes to the Curly Top, the two most important factors of this style are the cut and care that’s going into maintaining those curls. This hairstyle is […]

Middle Part

What is a Middle Part Hairstyle? The Middle Part hairstyle is for anyone who wants to rock that Prince Charming type of class and elegance. It’s a style that makes use of the natural layering of your hair, framing your face to accentuate your best features. This is an impeccable style that can be easily […]


What is a Quiff? If the Pompadour and the Ivy-League Crew Cut came together to have a child, that result would be the Quiff. It’s a style that maintains the lush volume of the Pompadour while also making use of the more natural, sweeping look of the Side-Part. With its roots both rebellious and elite, […]


What is a Fringe? The Fringe hairstyle is a fancier way to describe a look that frames the face using bangs. From rockstars and actors to athletes, the Fringe is sported by anyone and can be adapted into any hairstyle to add a unique flare. If adding a unique twist to your hairstyle is what […]


What is a Combover? When people think about the combover, Homer Simpson might come to mind with his thinning hair covering a widening bald spot. While it is a popular example of what the style can be, there’s complexities to it. The combover is a hairstyle opted by those going for something suave and smooth; […]


What is the Faux Hawk? The Faux, or more popularly known as the Faux Hawk, is the fashion-forward take on the rebellious punk mohawk. It’s a style that lives in the glitz and glamor of high fashion society, while simultaneously maintaining that maverick edge of its parent style. If you’re looking for something that says […]


What is the Waves hairstyle? The steps towards achieving the Waves hairstyle will take some time but is sure to be worthwhile when getting to the end product. To start, begin on short hair with less than an inch on top. For the sides, a fade to an edge up can be paired with Waves […]

Crew Cut

What is the Crew Cut? Posh, plush, upper class; these are just a few of the words used to describe the Crew Cut. Though used by many across the world, what brought this style into popularity is its use by celebrities or the high class. If you’re trying to elevate your style, the Crew Cut […]

Buzz Cut

What is the Buzz Cut? The Buzz Cut is one of the most well known hairstyles across the world used by a variety of people no matter their age or gender. It’s known mainly for its simplicity; a near skin tight cut that requires no upkeep and needs no time to style. Generally, any cut […]